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SUGARING Hair Removal

Benefits of sugaring include:

  • 100% nature, no artificial ingredients
  • less painful than other methods
  • protecting the skin, less irritation
  • also good for sensitive skin
  • longlasting effect 
  • sensationally smooth and silky skin
  • less ingrown hair
  • no burning as it used at body temperature

Sugaring – Sugaring Cane

(German Product)

Lip/Chin – £10

Underarm – £15

Forearm – £20

Full Arm – £30

Half Legs – £30

Full Legs – £50

Bikini – £30

Brazilian  – £20

Hollywood  – £27

Men’s back /chest/stomach – £30

We offer packages to suit both women and men and have have a specific ‘non girlie’ area for all male grooming treatments.

Call us now for more information or to book a free consultation.

SOS Roller

6ml – £6

90ml – £40

The SOS Roller is highly effective in treating and removing ingrown hairs but is also gentle on the skin. It helps prevent inflammation and delivers a powerful peeling to allow the hair to grow freely through the skin surface.




Silver Spray


Silver Spray is not only soothing and calming after hair removal, it is also useful for many other things.

-It soothes and calms the skin when irritated

-It refreshes the skin

-Reduces redness

-Reduces itching caused by insect bites and sunburn

-Moisturises dry skin

-Ideal after shaving

-Helpful for skin conditions and sensitive skin

-Suitable for all skin types